Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kolkata Kitchen

This small eat-out close to our place is a nice little eat out. For all those who love bengali cuisine, or are yet to try visit this place. What caught our attention the very first time we went there about 2 years ago, was the interiors. It does take you back to kolkata (...showing off my 5 month stay in the city of joy ;)

The katha design table cloth, slow music, a loud display of anything and everything from kolkata and the most interesting the collage of amazing sign boards. We have tried many of the things on their menu, but my all time favourite is the Khicudi that they serve only on saturdays. Jeev feasts on the macher jhol and special fish thali. The veg thali too is interesting with panch meshali and aaloo posto. The sting of the mustard paste in the posto is just too good.

After a hearty meal do not forget to taste the all time favourite is the mishti doi...though i miss the kullad that it is served in back in kolkata...but the taste is pretty much the same..

we are yet to try the roll club, a new outlet of theirs on Jeevan Bima Nagar main road...for now its just the same tried and tested place that we can go to any day of the week.

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