Friday, March 30, 2012!

I have been fortunate to have spent all my school vacation at my grand parents place right in the midst of nature in the villages of Kerala. It was on our last outing in Goa, when we stopped the bike just to look at the spread of green fields.  It was such a delight, a sea of green. I really loved that about Bangalore when I landed in this city in 2005. It was even more delightful coz I came from suburbs of Mumbai where a speck of green is a rare sight.

As a kid I loved to water plants see them grow, eagerly wait for them to flower. Though we did not have the luxury of a garden, those few pots in the balcony were good enough. The credit for my green thoughts definitely goes to my mother. She has had a minuscule vegetable garden right in our balcony, with no hybrid seeds or manure for her aid. My father too loves the garden stint whenever we get back to Kerala.

The kitchen garden hierarchy(few pots in our balcony) continues at our tiny home as I boast of farm fresh pudina in the chutney at the dinner table :). I am proud to have harvested(as if it were acres of farm land vs. my humble plastic pot) pudina week after week, grown 1 tomato and a few curry leaves, along with Aloe Vera, Curry leaves and Tulsi. Well the credit for all the yield goes to my dear hubby, who takes care of my plants in my absence and never forgets to mention his contribution to any visitor at my farm :P

I hope to keep my garden dream alive...and my hands green, and yes if you need an Aloe Vera sapling I am more than happy to give you one :)

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